Kelly Financial Services LLC is an Official Everplans Provider

Everplans is a simple tool that guides you step by step to organize, store and share important information  from insurance documents and health care forms to family recipes and favorite memories.

As an Everplans provider, we’re able to offer this complimentary tool to our valued clients. If you are a Kelly Financial client, click the button below or call our office at 781.849.3090 to learn how to sign up for Everplans.


Organize your vital documents and final wishes.

Everplans walks you through what you’ll want to leave behind, giving you the opportunity to list and explain your final wishes.

Store all your information securely and in one place.

Everplans operates like an electronic safety-deposit box, allowing you to keep a scanned copy of your information in a totally secure—yet instantly accessible—location.

No one can get to it unless you want them to.

Share only what you want and designate who gets to see it.

You’ll select “deputies” who can access your documents and information—these may include family members, friends and other beneficiaries—but you can choose which deputies have access to which documents.